Dorian Gehring

Dorian Gehring is a Producer and Musician based out of Chicago, IL.

Homme just released a single off of their debut project Recorded and Produced by Dorian Gehring.

Exit Ghost released two singles recorded and mixed by Dorian Gehring,

Marrow released the first single off the upcoming debut record "The Gold Standard".  The track titled "Paulson" was Produced by Marrow with Dorian Gehring & Brendan Youngquist, Engineered by Dorian Gehring & Brendan Youngquist, and Mixed By Tom Schick

Marrow released the second single off their debut record "The Gold Standard".  The track titled "Mother Of Maladies" was Produced by Marrow with Dorian Gehring, Engineered by Dorian Gehring and Mixed By Tom Schick

Quinn Tsan released an EP titled "Good Winter", Produced by Dorian Gehring and Liam Cunningham, Engineered and Mixed by Dorian Gehring, Mastered by Wes Lambert.